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Kangpu Biopharmaceuticals to Present Preclinical Efficacy Data of KPG-818 in Crohn's Disease at the 19th Congress of ECCO (IND Application for Phase II in Progress)

Feb 19, 2024

Hefei, China, February 19, 2024 -- Kangpu Biopharmaceuticals, a clinical-stage company dedicated to the discovery and development of novel therapeutics for the treatment of cancer, autoimmune diseases, and inflammation, through targeted protein degradation technology, today announced that a poster on preclinical efficacy data of KPG-818 in Crohn's disease will be presented at the upcoming 19th Congress of European Crohn's and Colitis Organisation (ECCO), taking place in Stockholm, Sweden, February 21-24, 2024.



Crohn's disease is a chronic and difficult-to-treat autoimmune disorder. The current available therapeutic options for this condition are very limited, and there remain significant unmet medical needs. In preclinical studies, KPG-818 demonstrated potent therapeutic efficacy in mouse model of Crohn's disease. KPG-818 significantly improved clinical symptoms, colorectitis, ulcers, and local immune cell infiltration in the model animals. Based on the recent Pre-IND meeting with the FDA, Kangpu Biopharmaceuticals will submit IND application for Phase II clinical trials of KPG-818 for Crohn's disease in the United States.


About KPG-818

KPG-818 is a novel generation of small molecule modulators of CRBN E3 ubiquitin ligase complex CRL4-CRBN. It provides potent degradation of Aiolos (IKZF3) and Ikaros (IKZF1), two members of the Ikaros family of zinc-finger transcription factors critical in B-cell development. KPG-818 showed outstanding in vitro anti-inflammatory properties and a broad spectrum of anti-proliferative activities as well as remarkable in vivo efficacy in animal models of multiple blood cancers. In the Phase Ib/IIa clinical study in SLE patients (trial ID: NCT04643067) completed in the United States, KPG-818 demonstrated good safety, tolerability, pharmacokinetic characteristics, and preliminary efficacy. Currently, Phase I clinical trials (trial ID: NCT04283097) for the treatment of various blood cancers are being conducted in the United States.


About Kangpu Biopharmaceuticals

Kangpu Biopharmaceuticals, Ltd. is a clinical-stage company focused on the discovery and development of innovative therapeutics for the treatment of solid tumors, hematologic malignancies, autoimmune diseases, and inflammatory disorders through novel solutions including targeted protein ubiquitination and degradation. Kangpu Biopharmaceuticals has built a rich and solid pipeline of potential first-in-class and best-in-class drug candidates based on proprietary technologies, including NeoMIDESTM, SelPDEiS®, and X-SYNERGY®, developed and patented worldwide by the Company.


Forward-Looking Statements

The statement(s) made in this press release describing Kangpu Biopharmaceuticals’ predictions, expectations, and objectives may be forward-looking statements within the meaning of applicable laws and regulations. These statements and expectations envisaged by the management are only estimates and actual results may differ materially from such expectations due to risks, uncertainties and other factors including, but not limited to, changes in regulatory and/or economic conditions, uncertain outcomes in these clinical studies, exposure to market risks, and other external and internal factors, which are beyond the control of Kangpu Biopharmaceuticals.

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